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Facebook Pauses App Review To Stop New Apps From Joining The Platform

Facebook’s app review feature available on the platform was put on hold by the company since last week. On Tuesday, the social media giant confirmed it via Facebook Developer News section that the company is not accepting any submission for now.

The abrupting pause over the new apps or chatbots to access the platform is a result of the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The data leakage of 50 million users in 2015 caused Facebook an enormous loss in the last two weeks.

The app review section allows the third party apps to conduct a survey or host the users for interesting games on the platform. In order to operate, these apps require access to certain information of the users. Prior to the approval for joining the platform these third-party apps have been evaluated by Facebook to ensure users' safety. However, the company’s approval process didn't seem to be effective in case of Cambridge Analytica who had its hand over the data of million users.

Ime Archibong, Vice President of partnerships at Facebook wrote, ”We know these changes are not easy, but we believe these updates will help mitigate any breach of trust with the broader developer ecosystem. Facebook would like to thank you and the entire global developer community for working with us to create a better experience for people. We will continue to post updates as we have them over the next few weeks”. He also said in order to restore the users’ broken trust in Facebook the company will not leave any stone unturned. Every third party app associated with Facebook will go through in-depth audit and inspection by the experts.

Facebook will also notify the users about the app that they were given access to the personal data was permanently removed by the company for showing dubious activities. Facebook will also ask the users to wisely manage their data while connecting to any app in future. In addition, Facebook will also be taking more steps to ensure the data safety of the users in the coming time, which includes limiting the developers’ access to the user data

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